Spore Lock Nanotechnology


  • Every time a scope of work requires the passing of an air clearance test, you have a large task ahead of you.  You need to apply disinfectants, wipe down all surfaces, and run air scrubbers 24/7.  With all of this effort, why do we keep on failing to pass tape and air clearance tests?

It's not due to cutting corners or poor workmanship.  We've all suffered the frustration and incurred the costs associated with failed tests. The reasons tend to revolve around hidden reservoirs of mold that are extremely difficult to address and deal with.  Spore Lock is a new technology developed to improve air and surface sampling test results.

Three Unique Modes of Action:

Spore Lock is neither a biocide nor a disinfectant.  It is nanotechnology designed to trap mold spores on surfaces and inhibit the growth of  airborne mold that may land on treated surfaces.

Spore Lock is powered by the Aegis Microbe Shield.  Its three modes of action include:

    • Trapping and destruction of mold spores on contact through its unique organosilane binding structure
    • Destruction of cell wall through "electrocution"
    • Destruction of air borne spores through physical penetration of cell wall

    The Aegis Microbe Shield is registered in Canada for on-site treatment to impart durable, broad spectrum antimicrobial protection to existing non food contact surfaces (porous and non porous) to control and/or prevent microbial growth.

    Spore Lock Application:

      Applied via cold fogger as a final step in the remediation process as a complement to existing protocols.

      Quick and easy to apply.  Save time and effort.

      Complete and thorough.  Reach hidden reservoirs of mold that traditional approaches may not completely address.


      Spore Lock is currently only

      Available in Canada