Social Style Interpersonal Communication Skills

In the restoration business, when we think training, we tend to think of all of the programs and courses we send our staff on to develop the hard skills to do their jobs.  But how much have you invested in soft skills needed for success?

You can have all of the latest equipment and have all of the most highly trained teams but if your estimators and project managers can't win bids, you don't make money.  Simple.  But we are not talking about "selling skills".  People hate to sell and they hate to be sold.  Right now we are speaking about connecting skills.  Improved interpersonal communication.  We need to recognize we all have a personal style, a comfort zone.  So do our customers.  Think of these zones as rooms in a house.  If we are in different rooms, we never connect.  We don't build trust, and we don't win the bids.

We offer up customized Social Style Awareness Programs for customer facing staff.  These are fun, fast paced, and impactful.  They run from a one hour introductory workshop over zoom  to a one day offsite.  We offer them free to our customers.  If you would like to learn more about how to have the biggest positive impact on your business, give us a call.

We also offer a program designed to help managers better communicate with their staff.  The foundation of building a team is communication.  We don't need compliance, we need motivation.  Our program can build better team communication for the benefit of the entire organization.

We have delivered Social Style Programs for pharmaceutical, healthcare, sales, and manufacturing teams.  We know what we are doing and can help you!